Relief to Ukraine!

Moldova, Republic of
Not since World War II has Europe seen the crisis we now are facing. Since the start of Russia’s agression towards Ukraine, the humanitarian situation has worsened.

Poeople to People Int’l has been supporting humanitarian efforts in Moldova, Europe’s poorest country, for 12 years. Through our contacts, we have been able to during the first few months after the war started, to help about 1 000 refugees to cross the border from Ukraine to Romania.

Aid to Vasilkov, Ukraine
During the fall of 2022 we have continued to help vulnerable people in Ukraine. This has been made possible through trusted contacts in Poland that we have had for many years. Through them we have been able to provide direct help to vulnerable people affected by the war.

During the first part of fall 2022, as a first step in this help, we were able to purchase a minibus. The vehicle is now used in the daily work to provide food and other help to people in need.

We have continued to provide financial assistance to the humaniatarian efforts through the Church in Vasilkov and Pastor Bodgan. This help has consisted of food parcels and help to rebuild homes destroyed during the russian occupation. Er have also provided heat sources to cook food.

As recently as October 2022, the Church in Vasilkov was able to purchase military tents where people can come and keep warm. The Church could also buy pellets in order to keep their church building heated.

This building is one of the few places that can be kept warm because it is heated by pellets, not natural gas. This place has become a place of refuge for many Ukrainian people in the area. The church has become a beacon of light in a dark place where many now turn to for help.

We intend to continue our support as long as there are financial means to provide help with. If you have in your heart to support our efforts, please send your gift via PayPal or make a direct bank transfer, details below. Mark your gift “Ukraine”. Thank you!

The best and most effective way you can help is to donate money through either Paypal or make an online bank transfer. Mark your donation “Ukraine”. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Account Details
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Thank you for your help.



During a few months we helped refugees to cross Moldova in order to get Romania..

Refugess receiving a hot meal at the border crossing.

Pawel Nowakowski, Polen together with Pastor Bogdan and his wife.

Unloading pellets at the Church.