The Roma Settlement

sseveral People to People International also work in the Roma settlement in Tinca, a rural village outside of Oradea. The Roma Colony is one of the largest in Bihor county, with a few thousands of Roma living there. Through one of the pastors that PTPI works with, we have, on occation helped the people living in this Roma settlement.

Our work is channeled through Pastor Popa, one of the pastors we work togheter with. He is well respected and can work out all the details and also knows the needs among the people. All help is then distributed through the Pentecostal Church in the area.

Picture: One of the main streets in teh settlement.

The Roma Pentecostal Church
In the settlement there is also a small Roma Church pastored by Florin Popa. A Church that plays an important role in thes large Roma community, where violence and crime ia a large part of everyones life. But since the Church was planted much has changed for the better. Crime rate has dropped and things have turned for the better. The Church is a beacon of light in an enviroment so saturated with violence and crime. The Gospel hold the power to change sictumstances and even a place like this.


Picture: Pastor Popa together with the deacon of the Church.