We currently support four pastors in Romania. Dan Mitra, currently pastors two Churches. Florin Popa that currently pastors several Churches in the Oradea district. Pastor Laurentiu who also pastors several Churches in the Oradea area. Mircea Ardelian who is the national leader of Reality Outreach Ministries in Romania and also lead the vocational pastoral educational program ASIST in Oradea.

The Popa family
My name is Florin Popa, I am 40 years old, I have been married to Ramona since 2006. God has blessed us with two children: Rafael, who is 10 years old, and Fineas, who is 7 years old. In 2003 I graduated from the Faculty of Energy at Oradea University. In 2007 I graduated from the Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest. Besides the two diplomas, I also obtained a master’s degree in Social Economy obtained at Oradea University.

Since 2012 I have served as pastor. Currently, I directly serve three churches in Bihor County: the Pentecostal Church Philadelphia Tinca, the Pentecostal Church Speranța Tinca (Gypsy Church), the Pentecostal Church Betesda Tileagd. In addition, I also serve in the Ephratic Church of Oradea. The four churches have a total of approximately 600-700 members. I am involved in various services, both in the church and outside the church. I also work in the youth department, organizing conferences dedicated to young people, and organizing annual youth camps. Besides preaching, I am involved in social activities, both in the church and outside the church.

Dan Mitra
My name is Dan Mitra. I am married to my swife Maria and we have two grown children. I live and work in Oradea, Romania. When what was called the “iron curtain” fell in December 1989, I began to work full-time as an evangelist, pastor, and preacher. During the years 1990-1993 I worked as a preacher, teacher and editor for a Christian newspaper. Between 1994-97 I worked as a program producer for a Christian radio station here in Oradea called The Voice of the Gospel.

From 1997 and four years on, I worked with a Christian drama that presented the gospel throughout Romania but also in parts of Moldova. Since 2002, in addition to my position as a traveling evangelist and preacher, I have also worked with my brother Sammy at the organization Children of Promise, which mainly works with Roma children and their families.

I am pasturing two Pentecostal churches in rural area of Bihor county, Romania. The church in Hidiselu de Sus (25km from Oradea), made up of 40 members, 5 being elderly and sick person no more attending the church, and the church in Valani de Pomezeu – 60km south from Oradea (102 members – 80 of them over 70 years of age).

Laurentiu Pasuti
My name is Laurentiu Pascuti and in live in Oradea.I have been married for 23 years to my beloved wife Violeta, and we have to wonderful kids, Filip, 19 years old and Gloria, 15 years old. My life’s passion is to help people find God, know Him more and serve Him with all their abilities. In order to accomplish my dream I had worked as a teacher at Eastern European Bible College in Oradea. Since 2014 I started serving full-time as a pastor.

My first church to pastor was the church in a village called Les. Then, in 2016, I started pastoring the Gypsy Church in Batar, and in 2019 the Nadejdea Vie Church (Living Hope) in Oradea. All these I have been doing while serving also as one of the pastors of Tabor Church in Oradea. I love the Holy Spirit and what is He doing in the lives of many young people. My dream and my prayer is for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on this generation that will bring many people to Christ and change many lives.

Mircea Ardelean
My name is Mircea Ardelean and my wife’s name is Dana. We’ve been married since 1997 and we have three children, Alexandra (21), Marcus (19), and Dominique (14). We are the founding members of Reality Outreach Ministry in Romania. An organization that has been sharing the Gospel in all Romania and the neighboring countries such as Hungary, Moldova, and Albania since 1997. These countries have not always had their doors open for ministry.

God inspired us with a new ministry and four years ago, we started a program for spiritual training regarding the leadership of the church and preaching. Within this program, we now have approximately 75 students, 45 are men and 30 are women.  We are happy to see how this ministry produces fruit for the Glory of God. We are thankful for the grace that God has blessed us with and the open doors for sharing the Words. We are also thankful for all your spiritual support and involvement in expanding the Kingdom of Heaven. Please pray for countries such as Romania, Moldova, Albania, and Hungary as these are our main fields of ministry.