Support to Pastors

Ever since the ministry was founded in 1984, financial support of pastors has been an important part of the ministry activities. During the years when the countries were closed and evangelical work was difficult to carry out, this help became extremely important for the churches in Poland and for the pastor’s recieveing this help. To serve as a pastor was ever more complicated, this help became extremely important. This is how a pastor writes to receive this help during the years when Poland was officially closed to all evangelical work:

“When I think back on the difficult years, when we received help from you, my heart is filled with gratitude to you and to the Lord. During this difficult time, it was very difficult, almost impossible to work as a pastor in Poland. Without your help it would have been unthinkable, what you did was done in the right time and in the right way. I thank God in prayer every day for the help we received and for the love we have been subject to for so many years.

We pray for you and for all those who made this possible and that through your help we could do the Lord’s work here in Poland. We will never forget it, never stop thanking God for you and for all the people who made this possible.


People who sacrificed so much to help those families who were struggling in God’s family. There was no one else to turn to, no one who did so much for us to preach the gospel here in Poland. Our Heavenly Father knows about all this and He will pay you for what you have done for us and for the parishes and the people of Poland. “

The situation today
Currently (2021) we support 6 pastors, 1 families in Poland, 4 families in Romania and one pastor in the Republic of Moldova.

The need for pastors is great in the countries that PTPI reaches into. Often the pastors stand without any income, as he pastors the church. Many pastors also serve in more than one church. In order to support their families many pastors work a regular day job in the community. When we evaluate a pastor’s ability to receive financial support, we primarily look at the circumstances under which the pastor works. We would like to see that it is a pastor or congregation that meets one of these three categories.

  • The congregation lacks financial conditions to support the pastor.
  • The church has recently been founded.
  • It is a younger pastor who serves the Church.

It is important to also add that the financial support that we provide, does not cover their entire financial need, but their essential needs or help to cut away the need to work outside the church. Through the support these pastors receive, they can focus more o their pastoral work, not having to worry about how to find money in order to support their family.

We are cautious for the pastor to not become dependent on the support they receive, as we encourage them to, where it is possible to find others that can add to their support. We will only cover part of what they need, and that support may be gradually decreased over time, as their church grows, and the church is able to support their pastor with a salary.

If you have in your heart to support us in this ministry, we encourage you to reach out to us. Call or email us or make an on-line donation. Mark your gift “pastors’ support”. Thank you!