Work among Street Children

Some historical facts

In December 1989, the people of Romania revolted against the dictatorship and over 40 years of communist rule. After the revolution, it became known to the rest of the world, the dreadful condition many tens of thousands of abandoned children and young people were in. Most of the orphanages were overcrowded, neglected, and lacked adequate health care to maintain the simplest quality of life. There was an urgent need to provide Romania with a new standard for the care of abandoned children.

Now, after more than 30 years, much has of course changed. Romania has adopted a new standard caring for the abandoned children. The state orphanages have been upgraded, replaced or even closed.

Still today Romania feels the effects of this trauma. The number of children that are abandoned has dropped to a much smaller amount. But still today, much due to poverty and corruption infants and young children are left by there parents. There is still a need to care for the children of Romania.


PTPI and Caminul Felix Family Villages
Since 1995, PTPI have supported the work at Caminul Felix, saving the negelected and obandened children from a life on the street. The Caminul Felix Family Villages, located in Oradea, in north western part Romania. During the years PTPI have through its donors made it possible for Caminul Felix to expand and develop its ministry. We have, to maention a few projects, benna ble to purchae the land that the second village was build. We have also donated a large house, that today house 28 young adults. You can read more about that project below.

The Teenager House
This house was donated by PTPI  and consists of 14 apartments, of which 12 are available to young people. In the other two apartments. This house was built to accommodate all the young adults growing up at Caminul Felix. It offers an opportunity for the young adults to have a place they can call their own. At least during the three years they are allowed to stay there. It gives them an opportunity to look for work or to stay at the university, before moving out in to the community or start a family or to do further studies.