Aid to Disabled

Since many years we have been involved in sponsoring prosthesis for both adults and children. This has been made possible through a partnering organization called Theranova. A clinic that furbishes new, custom made prosthesis for children and adults.

Living with a physical disability
Being born with a physical disability or being disabled through sickness or by accident, is a huge challenge in itself. Today’s Romanian society still has a long way to go before it becomes fully accessible to those living with a disability. Very little has been done in the community to aid those that lives with physical disabilities. Therefore, having such a life changing event happen to a person, will marginalize her position in the society.

As an adult, there is little opportunity to obtain an education or a job with any kind of physical disability. Which in turn gives less opportunity to live your life to the fullest. An individual that sits in a wheelchair can’t access stores due to the thresholds that are there. Being given the opportunity to have a prosthesis fitted, will open new possibilities to life a normal life, with less limitations. this is the reason as to why we assist in helping with this kind of project.

Below you can read about a few of the project we have done in the past.


The most recent project, done during 2019 that we were involved in is for a man living in the Republic of Moldova. His name is Vladimir, he is 40 years old. He had to amputate his leg due to medical conditions. He received his prosthesis in June of 2019. He is now in physiotherapy and is working his way back to a normal life. Vladimir sends this short greeting to us:

Thank you for helping me to come to know God and with the prosthesis. I walk when I have the opportunity, but now it’s cold outside, and that’s why I stay at home. In the future, when the weather is better, I will practice walking more. Once again, I thank you for helping me. I pray to the Lord for you and all the people who helped me with the prosthesis. I send greetings to all people




This lady is one of the individuals we have helped with an electrical scooter. She did not meet the medical requirments to have a prothesis fitted, but functions well in an electrical scotter.


Tudor had to amputate one leg and a small part of his other foot. One day he was playing with matches and his plastic toys caught fire and then the plasic melted over his legs. His parents found it difficult to get the care they needed and also lacked financial means to give Todor the right kind of care, as this is costly. But through Theranova and with finacial help from PTPI he was given a prothesis.

Andreea was on his way to school when a car passed and the driver lost control due to an exploding tire. The car came over on the wrong side of the road, whereupon the car hit Andreea, her sister and their grandfather. All survived the crash, but due to Andreea’s serious injuries, doctors had to amputate her leg. Her grandfather was in a coma for 31 days, resulting in his death from his injuries. Her sister received a major concussion and some wounds to her body, but has now recovered well.

We would also like to mention Emanuela. She comes from the south eastern corner of Romania. Emanuela suffers from a blood disorder that causes her blood to thicken. To prevent this, Emanuela must be given injections several times per year. These are very expensive for the family. This has caused Emanuela to on two occasions, needing to amputate both their legs. On the first occasion, both legs were aputated just below her knees. The second time, her leg were amputated above the knee.

Once we became aware of her situation and at the same time were asked if we could help the family, we never hesitated. So, in the fall of 2010, a fundraiser made it possible for us to pay for both of her legs. The picture is from 2010, shortly after she received her two new legs. In the picture is both Andreea and Emanuela. Through their contact with Theranova, they have become best friends.