After School Program

One of the organisations PTPI supports is Children of Promise in Oradea. They are dedicated to reach the Roma children and their families, living in the Oradea area. Below you can read about part of their work. PTPI has been a partner to COP since 2007.

COP was founded in 1995 to bring aid to the Roma community and especially to the children. On a weekly basis COP gathers about 50 children of different ages. Due to the Roma families travelling a lot to find work, the number of children varies from one month to the other. The work carried out is based on Christian values and the different activities offered also want to point to Jesus.

By offering the children a family environment that is fundamentally characterized by the love of Jesus, we see that the lives of these children change. Children also learn Bible verses and sing Christian songs. They also hold a simple hands on Bible teaching with the children.

Children of Promise rests on and belives in Christian values. These values are also taught through the songs and by other means, such as recitals of poems or Bible verses. COP has also a choir that is a popular activity to attend.

Children of Promise also offers opportunity to learn to play an instrument such as piano or guitar. They also have a small brass band. Music is an important part of the work. For these children, the time they spend at the Center, stands in sharp contrast to the everyday life they often encounter. A daily life that for many is filled with psychological and physical violence, both in their own families but also from society.

With some regularity, food packages are also distributed to the Roma families, whose children regularly participate in the activities. The organization also runs a home for socially vulnerable teenage girls as well as an outpost in the village of Cheru a bit outside Oradea.

Education ans schooling
The Children of Promise also tries to help the Roma children with their schooling, which can be difficult to justify, as the children’s parents often lack schooling. But, learning, reading and counting plays an increasingly important role in being able to function well in today’s Romanian society. By offering these children this help, one hopes to break this negative spiral and in the long run create better conditions for the Roma.


The filiala in Cheriu
A short distance outside of Oradea is the small community of Cheriu. Here, Children of Promise have an after-school program that gathers about 25-30 children. They are also participating in the activities at the big center in Oradea. Just as in the big center, they help the children with theri homework and offer other activities, such as singing and different crafts.