A loaf of bread a day

Poverty and not having enough food to eat is a reality for many people in Moldova. Many people live on very little. In order to elevate the hunger, the Church started a bread project called “O paine pe zi” that thanslates “A load of bread per a day”. Read about this project in the following text.

During the very few first years, bread was transported from Romania to Moldova. Bread that was donated from hotels and restaurants. But as the need grew, something had to be done on a local level. That was the beginning of establishing the bakery and in a bigger scale distribute bread to the poor.

PTPI refurbishes the bakery

Our trip to Glodeni in the summer of 2010 resulted in a fundraising project to help renovate the premises and replace the existing, worn our equipment. The renovation included new interior insulation, new surfaces, apart from the floor, new power lines and a new fuse box, new ventilation and a new front door. The equipment includes a yeast oven and a bake oven. We also invested in new work benches. The bakery was re-opened in December 2010 and has since then produced bread almost every week.

PTPI has since then, on a monthly basis, financially supported the production of bread. The bakery operates on a 50% capacity, much due to logistical factors. The bread has to be delivered when it is fresh. Distribution is done through neighbors, people attending the Church services but is also delivered to those who can’t come to the Church.

The bread is baked every other day to make sure nothing is going to vaste. On a monthly basis the bakery broduces abour 2 500 loafs of bread. In a roader context this means that about 100 households are given bread. As far as individuals, it is more difficult to give an exact figure. But we estimate tht betweem 700 -100´0 people are given bread each month.

The bread that satify a double need
The significance of this bread is difficult to imagine. From stories we receive and the people we meet, we know to know that bread not only saturates bodily hunger, but also can satisfy both a physical and spiritual hunger.

The distribution of bread has softened many hearts for the Gospel, as people have understood that they are not left alone with their worries. That there is someone who really cares about them and thir most felt need.

Through this bread they have meet the unconditional love of Jesus through Pastor Igor and his wife. An elderly woman says:

“When I hold this bread in my hands, I no longer feel any hunger.”

The bread of life
During the years we have come to understand the impact this bread has had on the people recieveing it. Many go hungry, sometimes for several days. Without this bread, those who are the most vulnerable would not live. We have seen this hunger with our own eyes. We know that this bread in the truest essence of the word, saved lives. It is, in its truest and purest sense, the Bread of Life.