Green House Project

Poverty and not having enough food to eat is a reality for many people in Moldova. Many people live on very little. Not all people can afford to buy produce. Therfore we have started this project. 

This project was started in the spring of 2019. It was made possible through donations made by some Romania bussinessmen. However, already back in 2015-16 God made it clear through a vision received, that this project was on his heart. God did not only give us this project and help to finaci it, but also good workers that God sent that are skilleed in this area.

Purpose of the project
This project has a twofolded purpose. The first priority with this project is to be self-sufficient in vegetables and fruit. The produce will be added to the food packages that we deliver to socially vulnarable families within the community. This will be a great addition to the work among the orphaned children who come to the Church for a meal. The surplus will be sold and contribute to the existing economy. We hope that this project will enable us to also contribute to the local economy, not having to rely on produce from tother, external sorces. Pastor Igor writes:

This project can be a blessing to the poor people in the city. Through this project we will be able to share vegetables and fruit. Something that is impossible for many to buy. We also have the orphans who come to us to eat. These vegetables can help us provide subsistence even in this area. Then we will be able to sell whatever we can’t consume or hand out. In the long run this will be a great addition to our  economy. We can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, radishes and onions during different times.


The project could also give an income to the family that lives on the premises if we can get the growing going and secure it during most part of the year, everything according to the needs of the people.We believe that this project can be a great blessing to many people in and around Glodeni.

We see great potential in this project, and we want to make sure it gets the best start. In the early spring of 2020, we have dug a well to not have to rely on water from the community. This is a great way to reduce costs. Now a water system will be installed to make sure that the plats are given enough water during the hot season. A heating system will also be installed to also make it possible to grow during during the colder season of the year.