Food package project

The distribution of food packages was initiated by PTPI in the spring of 2011 and has since then been financially supported by PTPI.

It became obvious to us that since so many people lack the most needed thing is food, we decided to start this food package program. Our main focus is families with children and elderly, especially widows.

How it works
We distribute about 25-30 packages monthly, but we reach a lot more families, as we try not to give to the same families every month. This is since we do not want families to become dependent on the packages, but that the know that they include in the program.

Present situation
Due to corruption and misuse of common resources, many people suffer and have to go without food. Therefore, we know that these food packages play an important role; they elevate the most immediate hunger. We also know that when someone’s most felt need is met, they are more open to the Gospel.

Visiting the homes of many people we know that the time we come is a time when many welcome us with open arms. Not necessarily for the food package. but due to the fact that they realize that they are not forgotten. With our visits hope is restored.

Several of the families have asked with great wonder how someone they have never met or will ever meet, in a country far away, wants to give them this gift. What makes anyone in another country want to do such a thing?

Present situation
Some marvel on the fact that someone, unknown to them, visiting from a country far away, would come to their home. This has given us opportunity to share about Jesus.  Letting them know that it is the love of Jesus that has touched our hearts and that we want to pass his love to them.

With tearfilled eyes, families receive these packages, some openly confess their sin and want to make amends.

Igor welcomes everyone to visit the Church to see and experience the power of the Gospel with their own eyes. A young brother expressed his wonder at the power of the gospel with these words when he received Pastor Igor’s Bible in his hand: “This book draws me to it like iron is drawn to a magnet.”

We now see that many of the families who with pleasure receive these food packages come to the various activities of the congregation. Slowly but surely, hope returns to these people’s lives. The power of the gospel for salvation and restoration is effective today and saves eternal life.

What can you do to help?
For an amount of 25€ ($30 USD) per month a family can receive this help. Of course, a gift of any size is welcome. Your contribution, half a world away, makes a huge impact in the lives of the people we meet. Thank you for your donation. mark your gift “Food Packages”.