Childrens Ministry

The Church has over the past few years grown through their childrens ministry. This is much due to the connection with many families that receives either bread or a food package. Thropigh these projects we have come to know many families with children that have been invited to the childrens program i Church. Read more about the work among children in the text that follows.

PTPIs role in this is that we have contrubuted finacially to these activities. We have also been instrumental in bringing in teams to help with the teaching during the VBS. This activity usually takes place either during the easter vacation or in August, when the kids are off from school.

Club Hope
Every week the Church gathers a group of about 50 kids to this activity. Club Hope is a joint venture between several churches in the area. This is a fun activitiy for the kids, where thay are also taught about the life of Jesus and what it means rto be a Christian. This activity is of great importance as it fosters the children and also keep them out of harms way. The Church becomes a safe haven for the kids. A place they can also call home.

Vocational Bible School (VBS)
People to People International have over the past few years collaborated with the Church, arranging a VBS for kids age 7-13. These activites gather araound 80 kids in this age span. This is done as a half day activity. Over the past few years we have seen how the VBS has reached many children. The number of kids attending has increased from one year to the next. We are very blessed seeing this many kids coming to the summer activities that the Church has.

Summer Camps
For the kids age 13 and up we have for a numer of years finacially been supporting the Church in sending of their older kids to Summer camp. This is also an activity that is done in Collaboration with many surrounring churches and also a big youth organisation called Nadedja, that owns a huge camp site. The summer camps usually gathers a few hundered of youth every summer. In the recent years we have been able to finacially support about 100 teenagers coming fom socially disantavtage families in the area.