Moldova Rep. of

The Republic of Moldova is a small but beautiful country, resting on the most Eastern part of Europe. Its people are friendly and welcoming. A landlocked country, wedged in between Romania in the west and Ukraine to the East. However, Moldova is considered one of  the poorest countries Europe. A socially backslidden country, that broke lose from the Soviet Union 1998 and formed its own republic. It has since then been politically unstable, torn between Russia and the EU.

For us living in Europe it is a days journey away from our own comfort. The country has a population of 2.86 million (2019). Only during the past few years the country has lost  a great deal of its inhabitants to other countries. Much due to the corruption and low level of income. Just a few years ago the poulation was almost 4 million.

The average monthly income (2019) is approximately 7 385 MDL  ($423 USD or 378€) per month. The pensions, compared to other countries in Europe are also very low. From April 1, 2019, the minimum age pension is appr. 1 079 MDL ($62 USD or 55€) per month, while the cost of living for pensioners is appr. 1 574 MDL ($90 USD or 80€). About 400 thousand people receive a pension below the subsistence level for pensioners. 

Because of the social stigma many people are left in, many also have to suffer. With no or very little money many struggle to survive. The young, with means to travel and connections in the West, has since long left the country.  Unless fundamental changes are made on a political level, that ends corruption and misuse of common resources, this country is face with a not so bright future. Please pray for Moldova and its people. More than ever they need to find salvation i Jesus Christ.