Vision and Calling

We, Oliver and Ulla Lindberg, have worked as full time missionaries in Eastern Europe since 1977. Today the practical work at the ministry is led by Jorgen and Maria Lindberg. Ulla Lindberg, officially retired january 1 2014, but helps out in the office occasionally. Oliver has in recent years, due to the illness he suffered as a consequence of the assault he was subjected to, no longer able to work.

The calling God gave

Today the ministry rests on the calling God gave to Oliver Lindberg. Although today the work no longer involves sending Bibles or printing them for distribution, the work still continues, but in a different shape and form. Below you will find, somewhat shortened, the vision and prophesy that God gave to us through Oliver on 10 January 1978. The prophesy still plays an important role and serves as a guiding tool for the work that is carried out by the ministry today; the call to reach the Eastern European people with the Gospel. A most important call that we wish to be part of.

″I was kneeling in prayer when the Holy Spirit appeared to me in a vision in which he said:- I have called you and your wife to a special ministry, to assist pastors and churches in the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries. Lift your eyes and you will gain a deeper understanding of what I mean. I lifted my head and I saw a pastor in the Soviet Union as he prayed with tearful eyes, and with raised hands, he asked: ′My Lord and my God, help me in my situation. You know that my knowledge is scarce and that it is difficult to evangelize without your help. Then the pastor pointed to a bookshelf and said, ′Sir, have you looked into my bookshelf lately? It's empty. I do not even have a Bible, nor any books to get knowledge from. I own nothing. Lord I trust in you to care about my future. Send Bibles, New Testaments, a good Christian education literature, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to me and my church, so that we can learn from them. ″Then I saw the pastors of all the other so-called communist countries. Pastors who all prayed a similar prayer. ″The Lord said to me: I am now holding you accountable for them. If you are faithful and obedient in serving them with what they need to fulfill the vocation I have given them, I will give you of my best servants in the five-fold ministry. Go, and I will be with you. I will send angels in front of you that will prepare your way.

Since spring 1978, we have with God and the Holy Spirit's help worked to fulfill this vision. This work continues today in other forms and through both old and new partners.

Tranas, Sweden
Spring of 2012