PTPI's ministry today

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Dop.jpgHere is a brief description of PTPI's different branches of ministry. You will find a more detailed description under each respective page.

The work among street children in Romania

Since 1995 PTPI supports the work of Caminul Felix Family Villages, which since the revolution and the fall of communism, that took place in december 1989, persistently has been helping Romania's many street children. PTPI supports the ongoing work, but also assists in short term projects or when called upon. PTPI, through its donors, financially contributed in purching a piece of land where the second village is built. PTPI has also contributed financially in building the house called the Teenage House. Today the work at CF villeges is operated and maintained by the romanians, and includes two family villages, a farm with 300 dairy cows, a dairy and the Teenage House where young adults take their first steps into the romanian society. In recent years a shop for educating school kids in elementary wood craft has been added. There is also the sowing shop, Sunflower Design that fabricates different items in fabric material. Sunflower Design also provides a work inviroment for young adults that would have difficulties finding work in the open work market.

Prostheses for disabled

PTPI is also co-operating with the prosthetic clinic Theranova. The clinic is located in Oradea and resides on the same property as the Teenage House and is the only clinic of its kind in Romania. Over the years PTPI has been able to provide aid to a handful of people, including several children. Being able to provide this help is so important, when in a very concrete way it alters the lives of those receiving a prosthesis. It enables them to live their lives to the fullest potential.

Eastern European Bible College (EEBC)

Since 2007 we have been fortunate to work with Eastern European Bible College, also found in the city of Oradea. PTPI has focused primarily on helping the college's media faculty. In 2008 PTPI sponsored and also built a production studio for FM radio. The school already produces a number of programs that are broadcasted regularly over the Internet.

In 2014 PTPI helped to build a second studio at the bible school. The studio is used in the daily broadcast. The radio can be found pointing your browser to

Work among the Romany children

People to People Int'l has in recent years also supported the work of Romany children (and their families). This has been done through the organization Children of Promise (COP). The organization is dedicated to aid the most vulnerable and disadvantaged ethnic groups in Europe and in Romania, the Romany. The work is carried out in their youth center, in the center of Oradea, and in the small community Cheriu, located just outside Oradea. The center in Cheriu is located on the same property as the local evangelical Church has its premises and work in close relationship with them. The organization also runs a shelter for socially vulnerable girls othervise subjected to prostitution, trafficing or drug abuse. PTPI supports primarily the social work among these children and adolescents, but is also contributing fincially in different short term projects as well.

Financial support to pastors

Since the founding of PTPI, this branch has played an important part of our evangelistic work. Over the years we have up close and personally seen the impact this part of the ministry has. Many churches still struggles with supporting their pastor. Many pastors not only serve in one chuch, but take on responsibility to pastor several churches, at times as many as four or five different churches. This with no or very little pay. What PTPI does is to step in and take on a part of that responsibilitiy, covering a certain percentage of their salary, during a limited time.

Pastor's Conferences

Throughout PTPI's existence, we have on an ongoing basis organized conferences for spiritual leaders and pastors in both Poland and Romania. The conferences, which is the only of its kind, since even pastor's wives can attend is appreciated. Over the years we have understood that these conferences plays an important role in the life and ministry of the pastor and his wife.

Daily bread and food packages

Since the summer of 2010 PTPI is fincially supporting a project in the city Glodeni in the northwestern part of the Republic of Moldova. The project is done by the local Evangelical Church and is a social work where the city's poor get a loaf of bread a day to relieve their most emediate hunger. You can read more about this project under the tab Moldova. Besides the distribution of bread PTPI has also started a small scaled food distribution program. Today, we reach about 25 families with food parcels and about 100 households (approximately 6-800) receives bread on a continous basis.