The Church Sfînta Treime

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Sfanta Treime.jpgThe Church Sfînta Treime which translates as The Holy Trinity Church is a small evangelical Church, the only one in the community of Glodeni. When we first visited the church it had 11 members. From our first visit in 2010 we now se things change in a positive way.

Now (2012), the Church's meetings are for the most part well attended. The social work that the members of the Church do, with financial help from PTPI, we now start to see visible results. Pastor Igor says that the Church is planning for a baptismal service. Recently the Church prayed for 8 people wanting to get saved. During the summer of 2011, with financial help from PTPI the Church arranged a summer camp that gathered 60 young boys and girls from the poorest families. You can read more about that below as well as the other projects. We have asked pastor Igor to give a short testimony about the work in Glodeni. You can read about that in the text that follows.

Together for the Greater Glory of God
tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Igor_Sveta.jpgIn the holy Bible it is written: ”The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” Matthew 4:16. This prophecy, we can say, is related to Glodeni, too. This city, during 300 years after its foundation, has never seen the light, because of the darkness. This land, called indeed “the land of the shadow of death” can have only one explanation to this matter. Isolated socially due to the geographical position, close to the Romanian boarder, this city was for a long time transformed into a zone of “boarder-matters”. That fact led to the postponement of the Gospel.

The years passed and the light came to the city. This took place during the period of the fall of the Soviet Union. During this time, the first people came to Christ. Everything started with a driver, who was transporting sugar from the sugar Factory of Glodeni to Balti. Being a Christian he was always having some books of the New Testament with him. One day he drove an old woman, she was a seventy-year old widow, to her home. On the way to her home, he told her about Christ and the old woman received Christ as her Savior, there in the car. That woman was the first Christian in Glodeni. She became lately a true missionary, who was always telling about Christ, in the street or the shop while she was waiting to buy something. And so, as she was telling, two families came to Christ. One of which was my family (my parents’ family).

At first, everybody was going to Balti to have fellowship with God. It was during 1988-1989. Then God called a deacon, Maxim Todorasco to move to Glodeni. Lately he moved with his family to Glodeni and from 1990 to 1995 Church was held in their house. Then a time followed when we gathered in different places. Step by step the church grew to 20 members. By this time (1995), Maxim Todorasco went back to Balti and I took his place. I had just got married and completed my pastoral studies in Oradea Romania; I started God’s work here and still do up till now.

Many things happened from that time. God helped us through some brothers from Romania to buy a place for us to meet as a Church, that was 1998. And with God’s help, on December 12, 2000 was the day our church was opened. During two years we preached the Gospel, but we did not see any results.
In May 2002, brother Ilie Jolta, a pastor and friend from Oradea, Romania felt God’s calling of starting the project ”O pane pe zi” (translates ”A bread a day”) here in Glodeni. He called me and told me about God’s will and the work that could be done in Glodeni. But at first, my wife and me started to invite to our place 10-15 persons to have fellowship, we also prepared some pies and tea for them to eat. Then, this was just a ray of light of the greater ministry that was later be to be called ”O pane pe zi”.

At the beginning we were buying the bread, to, in the Name of Christ, give to the persons in need. Today, by God’s Grace and His children from Sweden, we have our bakery renovated, with new equipment. Through all this, we see God’s hand over this ministry. People come to Church through this ministry. New souls get to know Christ, it does not matter if it rains or snows. Personally, I realize that I have no worth in it; everything should be given to God, who leads new souls to listen to His Word.

I testify myself that through this project ”O pane pe zi”, the number of people coming to Church is growing every day. Today we can see that 90 percent of those who come to church are not believers. Today, people receive bread after listening to the word of God. As they say the bread save them from hunger. Also. Through this project we have children, teenagers, grown-ups, and people from different social levels that come to church.

God brings those, who lately will serve Him for His Glory. We have a brother that after his repentance, wants to sing for the Greater Glory of God. He also helps the others to worship God. God raises new workers on His field through the project.

My Church, my family, people who receive this bread and me are thankful to you for your support in prayers, for your financial support for this project ”O pane pe zi”. God bless you.

With respect
Igor and Sveta Lazar

As a ministry we feel greatly blessed knowing that we have partners like Igor and Sveta. We are also thrilled over the fact that the Church is growing in numbers. God is great and he has truly blessed us and the Church in Glodeni.

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The Summer Camps

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/sommarlager.jpgDuring the summer of 2011 the Church organized with financial help from PTPI a summer camp (day camp) for children in the community. The Church planned for 40 children, but had an attendace of 60  during the two weeks the ummer camp lasted. We can now see what the camp had very positive impact on the community as well as the Church. Of the 60 kids that came, the Church today have contact with 20 or so families who now regularly visit the Church. We hope that we can second this event every summer as we know it means so very much for these children, but also for the growth of the Church.

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