PTPI's History

It is naturally associated with a certain difficulty to summarize the work that the ministry conducted over a time span of 30 years. But, let us through this text at least try to highlight a few things. What intitated the Ministry's work was the insulin-and gluten-free flour that we for a number of years sent to Poland. You can read about that and other things in the folloing text.

Insulin and gluten-free flour

Michael, the boy that received help.

Our first assigment, after founding PTPI came from Poland. Through friends and contacts we got from working with another organisation in Poland we were asked if ee could help with sending gluten-free flour and insulin to sick children i Poland. It was 2000 bottles of insulin and between 2.5 to 3 tons of gluten free flour per year. 

What initiated the whole process was the cry for help that came from a lady by the name of Danuta that had a son, Michael that was gluten intolerat. At that time Michael was 2 years old.

His illness was so severe that he was likely to die. The solution for him was that we would provide the gluten-free flour. A few years later, we received a ″Thank You card″ from Michael: ″Dear Oliver. I do not know if you remember me. I was two years old when you first came to us. I was very sick then. You came with gluten free flour to us to be used for making bread and for cooking. Inthese four year I have kept to this kind of diet and I have grown. Thanks to you and your friends, I have had bread to eat during this time. Today I am eight years old and healthy. Now I am like any other child my agee. I will never forget and I'm full of gratitude to you Oliver and to your friends.

Picture: Michael and his sister.

Evangelical work

On route to an underground conference.

In the years when the countries in Eastern Europe was closed, any evangelical work had to been done in secrecy. However, this has not prevented us from assisting pastors and churches and individuals with Bibles, New Testaments and Christian literature. We also have all these years been able to arrange secret, ″undergroundpastor's seminars. Bible teachers, pastors and evangelists from the West during the communist era taught in secret Bible schools. The meeting with many pastors and churches through the years has confirmed the need for Bibles and good spiritual literature. But when the countries eventually enjoy their religious freedom, this is no longer a pressing need.

We are greatful to God for his protection and the guidance of the holy Spirit. Despite the fact that the Eastern Bloc countries was officialy closed for any kind of evangelical activity PTPI were able to bring the gospel into almost all for the countries behind was was then know as the ″Iron Curtain″. It is true that the Gospel of Jesus Christ in not bound by chains but resides in the heart of the believer and in that respect is free.

Picture above: On route to an ″underground″ seminar for pastors somewhere in Czechoslovakia.

A printing shop in Perm, Russia.

Printing Shops
Over the years we have been able to deliver 10 complete printing shops to countries in the east, one to Bangalore in India. These printing shops have been a tremendous help forthe evangelical church to print portions of the Bible, Sunday school materials and simple pamflets. Moreover, these printing shops also provided a work place and in so supported several families. We are also greatful to God for all the Bibles brought in to these countries. To mention but a few, PTPI actively contributed to that 1 million Bibles were sent to former Russia in a project called ″Sign your on Bible″. Picture: Printing Shop delivered to Perm in Russia.

The Church in Blaj, Romania.

Church Buildings
Over the years
we have also, in whole or in part been instrumental in financially helping, in hole or in part churches in building new buildings. We can mention the Church in Stej (Petru Groza) and the Church in Blaj.


Social and Humanitarian Aid

The Polish trucks used for transports.

Over the years, PTPI have been able to send about 350 semi trucks of humanitarian aid to Poland and Romanian in the form of used clothes, beds, medical equipment, gluten-free flour and insulin to mention a few items.