Pastor's support in Romania

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/popa_dop.jpgCurrently, we financially support three pastor's in Romania. Dan Mitra, evangelist and preacher that travel throughout Romania preaching and teaching at conferences and crusades as well as working in the local and regional churches where he lives. Florin Popa, working in a small outpost church outside of Oradea. And also Adrian Stirbu which is a former student but now is one of the employees at the Eastern European Bible College. Adrian is working with the school's media program and in particular the work that evolves around the radio studio. He also hels out to translate for the school when they have a need for that service. You can read about their work on the following pages.

  Image: Florin Popa and Florin Ile performing a baptism in the Filadelfia Church in Oradea.