Prosthesis for handicapped

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Some of the
children we have helped over the years. Andrea, Tudor, Darius and Alexander.

Theranova – a prosthetic clinic
tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Theranova_huset.jpgPeople to People International also works together with Theranova, a prosthesis clinic that furbishes new, custom made prosthesis for children and adults. Over the past years, we have been involved in sponsoring a handful of prosthesis for both adults and children. For us as a ministry it is an ongoing effort to assist in helping children and adults raising support for prosthesis through Theranova. Below you can read about three of the children we helped with a new prosthesis. We also provide used electrical scooters to the clinic that can help individuals, that for different reasons don’t qualify for a prosthesis. The lady on the picture below is Viorica one of the individuals that through PTPI received this kind of help. For us it is a great privilege being able to assist those less fortunate.

Electric scooters

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Lakatos_scooter.jpgWhen we see the opportunity, we also collect used scooters that is transported to the clinic. These are a good tool for those individuals who for various reasons do not meet the medical and fysisska requirements in order to get a prosthesis. The woman in the photo is such a patient, her name is Viorica Lakatos, she is one of the persons that through PTPI received such a scooter. We gladly accept second-hand electric scooters for the distribution to Romania. Please contact us if you want to donate. We would like to buy if the price is right.

Todor and his family

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Fam_tudor.jpgTudor’s family lives in the eastern part of Romania, the ethnic Moldavian part of Romania (not the republic of Moldavia). This part of the country is also one of the poorest areas of Romania, lacking the basics of life. Tudor had to amputee one leg and a small portion of his foot as a result of him accidently setting fire to his plastic toys. His family could not afford the costs for caring and rehabilitating their son, or the costs for prosthesis. The doctors gave the family very little hope of recovery. Tudor was, in this state condemned to a life as a crippled boy with a not so bright future. 

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Tudor stumps.JPGAs an adult, the possibilities are slim with these types of disabilities to get an education or a job. Which in turn creates little chance to live an independent life. But Tudor's parents refused to accept the doctor's opinion and would rather have him remitted to Bucharest for a second independent assessment. In Bucharest they came into contact with a doctor, who by chance, had read about the work Theranova performs. Contact was established and Tudor had the opportunity to try out replacements for both of his legs. Today Tudor is living a normal, active life without any restrictions. For us it is a great privilege to have helped Tudor and his family that lacks any means to help their son.

Andeaas situation

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Andreea_Barbie.jpgAndrea was on her way to school when a car passed and the driver lost control due to an exploding tire. The car came on to the wrong side of the road and hit Andrea, her sister and their grand dad. They survived, but due to the severe injuries Andrea had to amputee her leg. Her grand dad lay in a coma for 31 days and eventually died from his injuries. Her sister got a major concussion to her brain and some lacerations but recovered fine.




tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Emanuela_cast_1.jpgWe also want to mention about Emanuela coming from the southeast corner of Romania. Emanuela is suffering from a blood disorder that makes her blood thickens. To prevent this, Emanuela regularly receive injections. These are very expensive (about 4500 SEK) for the family and they are fighting a losing battle to pay for them. On two occasions, parents have had no opportunity to pay for this treatment why Emanuela on two occasions been forced to amputate both his legs. On the first occasion was at once both legs below her both knees (see picture). on the second occasion amuterades her leg above the knee. This is as late as 2010.

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Emanuela_Andreea.jpgWhen we once again became aware of her situation and also asked if we could help her family, we never hesitated. In autumn 2010, we raised the money needed to cover the expence of two artificial limbs. This to a total cost of appr 9 000 USD (6500€). We sincerely thank the people who made ​​this possible. Picture to the right, we see both Emanuela and Andreea together, the picture is from 2010, shortly after she received her two prostheses. Through the contact with Theranova they have become best friends.