Piotr Cieslar

Ptl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/fam_cieslar.JPGiotr Cieslar is one of the pastors PTPI have been financially supporting for many years. He is currently a national coordinator for the Pentecostal Movement in Poland. As such, he has in his greeting below attempted to describe some of the challenges tha the evengelical churches are facing and in particular the Polish Pentecostal Movement.


Greetings in Jesus name,
First of all let me express my gratitude first to God and then to you and your loyal supporters for all the support we have received over the years. There are no words adequate to describe what your support has meant in different situations we found ourselves in. Poland is a country with nearly 40 million residents. 90% are Catholics. The Protestant minority is really a minority, with only about 0.03% born-again Christians. Present this minority, we have met all sorts of challenges, persecution included. Poland has never experienced the kind of revival we hear about from other countries. Do we complain or do we feel sorry for ourselves? Not at all! The challenges are a clear sign that we need to get closer to the Lord. We know that we in our own strength can not accomplish anything. With a historical perspective, we learn from the revivals we've seen in other countries that God has acted in a sovereign and oöverträff bisulfate way. Always according to people's prayers for their nation. We have done the same for decades. Not only that, we also put action to our prayers, all to the extent we were allowed. At various times we have seen the result.

I can speak for the Pentecostal movement in Poland in which I am a part. It is necessary to understand the times we live in and be able to out the plan God has for us for that time and for the situation we find ourselves in. It was a time when the Church in Poland was forced to work "underground". There was also a time when almost all pastors were put into prison. Then came freedom and it was time to go forward and preach the gospel everywhere. We had many camp meeting campaigns and many new churches were established. After some time people did no longer attend the tent campaigns. Then came the time when we needed to teach the believers and give them a foundation in the Christian faith.

Since the evangelical Christians are so few the challanges are greater and also the spirtual battle. We have no resources or large congregations that can support various evangelistic efforts, but we will not give up or say it's impossible. Ten years ago I was asked by the leadership of the Pentecostal Union, if I wanted to be a national coordinator. It was a great challenge and a great task entrusted to me. I did not want to be the one who just maintained what already existed, so I prayed much to God for guidance about how I could take the work forward. I felt that we would try to bring the churches a step further and exploit the potential that existed among the leaders and members. I summoned all the pastors and leaders in our district and we took the decision to establish new churches. Over a period of four years was launched ten new congregations. Just to give you the history in short.Now we stand on the brink of a new step forward. I am convinced that we have enough people in our congregations who are waiting to do great things for God. My heart is filled with a great desire to do the same again as we did some years ago. Finding people called and equipped by God to give them basic training and send them along with our prayers and financial support to new places. I think we are ready to begin a new project involving the establishment of new congregations.

As I mentioned earlier, we have not enough resources for everything we want to do for the kingdom of God. That is why it is so important to work with people who share the same vision. Back in time we have seen resources wasted in this area. Some missionary organizations sent their own missionaries to us. People who could not either language or knew about the culture. They invested large sums of money, but they saw no results from their efforts. After a while people went back home very frustrated. In our view, it would have been much wiser to invest the funds of local pastors and Churches. 

Another possibility is to support the existing churches and help those who fight a tough fight. Many churches do not have their own church buildings to gather to worship in. Many congregations are quite small, with the result that their pastor must have a secular job in addition to his work as a pastor to support his family. With a little financial help they could quit their secular jobs and instead work entirely as ministers. This would also mean that their work could be so much more effictive. Another challenge we have is being able to support the Bible school students who leave school and get them involved in their congregations. Very often we see young people who have gone out of Bible school seek out secular work, because we do not have the resources to support them financially. It's such a pity.

These are some areas where people with a heart for mission could support. As I mentioned earlier, Poland due to their past history  is a great mission field and we need your help to reach out with the Gospel.

I have touched on some areas where we need help and we would be extremely grateful if there would be people who would like to support the mission field called Poland. With the help we could accomplish so much more. God bless you all.

Piotr Cieslar
National Coordinator
Pentecostal movement in Poland