Pawel and Lidia Nowakowscy

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/fam_nowakowscy.jpgOur names are Pawel and Lidia Nowakowscy and we have two children Oliwia and Nathan. We married in 1993 and immediately after that began working in the Christian TV studio in Opole. 1995, we started working with Reality Outreach Ministries, where our primary job was to present the drama "Heaven's Gate and Hell's Flames". Since 2005, we are responsible leaders in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia for this work.Vi have thus worked full-time mission since we got married and we love every day we get to serve God with our lives. Pawel is also an elder in our church in Olesnica. He also plays drums in the worship team. I, Lidia, singing and playing piano. Last year we felt that we would like to study to better skilled in the ministry we have, so we began to study Christian media and social communication in Warsaw.

We pray to God for the means to fund these studies and for God to open our minds so that we can make use of the  teaching in the best way possible. We both have previously studied at various Bible schools, but these studies have a completely different direction. Our most recent campaign last year was held in Bielsko-Biala, and it was organized in conjunction with the Lutheran Church and the Pentecostal Church. The room they had rented held about 500 people and during two performances of the play came about 2000 people to see the drama. Some of those who came had to leave the room because they could not see anything because of the large crowd. Others stood in the aisles, in the hallways or sitting on the stairs. We said it was almost like a Beatles concert, as there were so many people and some in the audience fainted and had to be carried out of the room. However, many people raised their hands when we invited to recieve Christ as their Lord ans Saviour. It was amazing to see how the Lord in the most powerfully way touched people and that so many wanted to know more about Jesus.THis year (2011) we will launch a new drama that we are all excited about. Our prayer is that through this to reach even more people with the gospel. 

Each year we reach through the drama an average of 15 000 people and it's a privilege to also be working with pastors and local congregations. We can not thank you PTPI and its donors enough for all the support and help and love we have received over the years. We know you would not have been able to do all this without your loyal supporters. We thank God for each one of them.

With Jesus' Love
Pawel & Lidia Nowakowscy