Financial support to pastors

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Dop.jpgWhen PTPI was founded in 1984, this part of our work also was formed; finacial support of pastors. And it has played an important part of the ministry's work during all these years. At present (2013) we support 5 pastors. The need for pastors is large in countries PTPI currently work, but often the pastors work without being supported by their Church, sometimes the pastor servers in more tha one church simultaneously. In order to support their family many pastors need to seek support outside of the Church they pastor, working a secular job. This is in most cases no longer needed when a pastor receives financial support from PTPI.

When we decide to put a pastor on our support list, we look primarily to the circumstances in which the pastor works. We would like to see that there are a pastor or church that meets any or all of these three categories.


- The Church has no financial means to support their pastor.

- It is an newly started pioneering church.

- It is a young pastor taken on the call to serve.

It is important to also add that the support we give is not a full support, but covers a part of their salary. When giving the pastor this support, he can more fully focus on his work as a pastor.

It is also of importance that the support PTPI hands out is not creating a situation of dependence. The support we provide is limited in time and also decreases over time. The support is also re-evaluated on an annual basis and is therefor only valid for one year at a time, as their needs change over time. Click on each country to read about the pastors we currently support.

Would you consider supporting this branch of our ministry on a regular basis? As a church, company or an individual, you are welcome to contact us.