The Lazar Family

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/fam_lazar.jpgMy name is Igor Lazar, born January 22, 1974 in Glodeni, the Republic of Moldova. Until I was 15 I knew neither the existence of God or the Bible. At that time it was not allowed to visit the Orthodox Church to worship. If you did, you got bullied at school and your parents were punished with heavy fines. In our city there was no evangelical church, so the only way to hear about God was that someone in secrecy could come and talk about God. As late as 1988, my father agreed to go to another city and be part of an evengelical church and worship God there. There he was saved and started talking to us about the Gospel. After a year, namely December 25, 1989, I found myself and my family in the evangelical chruch in Balti, where I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

On June 30, 1991, 1991 I was baptized and in September of that year, I started to study at the Theological Seminary in Timisoara, Romania. From 1992 to 1996 I studied at Emmanuel Bible Institute in Oradea, Romania, and then I returned back to the Republic of Moldova. In February 1997, I was ordained and started pastoring in a local church who gathered in the homes. 1998 we bought, with financial help from churches in Romania, a old warehouse that we refurbished into a Church. After two years of restoration, in December 10, 2000, we opened the church "Sfanta Treime" (Holy Trinity Church) here in Glodeni.

In March 2002, with the help of a friend, Pastor Jolta, Romania and with help from the church he pastors, we started the project "Daily Bread", or more precisely "A bread a day" to hand out bread to the poor, while simultaneously spreading the Gospel. The number of people receiving bread increased significantly after we had installed a bake oven in the Church premises. The people in the community began to take notice that there was a Church in town that handed out bread to the poor and that prayed for salvation in Jesu Christ.

Currently, many of those who receives bread also visits the Church and attends our worship services. I thank God for the grace to serve my fellow man together with my family: my wife, Sveta, and the three children God blessed us with, Dina, Tania and David. God be blessed for his great mercy he bestowed upon us. As a family we are grateful for the offer of financial help from PTPI, because I do not have a fixed income. The small salary I get is irregular and varies in size, making it very hard to support my family. The support we receive, we are so grateful for as it makes life a little easier.

With gratitude
Igor Lazar and family