The Popa family

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/fam_popa (kopia).jpgMy name is Florin Popa. In December 2003 I graduated in physics at the University of Oradea, Romania. That same year I decided to start studying at the Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest with the aim and desire to serve the Lord where He wanted me.

In August 2006 I married my wife Rita. In 2007 I graduated at the Theological Institute in Bucharest. After that I got a job at a company that sells parts for trucks. During this time I also served in Bethel and in other churches in the Bihor district. In June 2009 I decided to terminate my employment. I had worked 10 hours a day, because my job required that I traveled a lot. My great desire was to serve in a church, to preach and to be involved in youth work. Simply get to give my time for God. Ever since then I have helped the Filadelfia Church in Oradea and in a small Church in a small community called Spinus.

In Philadelphia, I was ordained as a deacon and later as an elder. In recent years, we have a secretary and a youth leader in the Church. The Filadelfia Church in Oradea will support the church in Spinus to build a new Church building and I am responsible to oversee the building of it. We have so far managed to do the groundwork (2011) completed and this year the construction of the house to get started. I preach in the church in Spinus at least once a month and then we also celebrate the Lord's Supper.

October 1, 2010 our son Rafael was born, he is a blessing to us. Last year I went through four surgeries. It turned out that my kidneys were enlarged and swollen, plus the discovery of stones in both kidneys. Today I feel better even though I sometimes have pain in the kidneys. Financially, we're fighting a tough battle.

Our monthly income is 900 Lei, about 240 USD or 180 Euros. This includes the small contribution we received when our son was born, plus everything I've received from the Pentecostal Union. From this amount I pay myself the trips I make to the Church in Spinus because they do not have any financial means to help me. Both me and my family are so grateful for the help we get through you that will be a great blessing to my family.

A big thank you
Florin Popa