Distribution of food packages

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Matpaket.jpgIn addition to the distribution of the daily bread PTPI have since the spring of 2010, assisted the Church with financial help for food packages. As of today about (2012) 45 families receives these packages on a continous basis. Many families are going hungry and there are many mouths that need to be fed. Our primary focus are families with children and then help others who are in dire need of help.

No one should have to go with an empty stomach, but it is a known fact that this is what many have to do. So we know that these food packages have a central role, as the content of the packages relieves an otherwise obvious hunger. But we also know that the packages handed out creates quriosity and amazement as several of the families have with perceptible awe wondered how someone they never met or will ever meet, in a land far away, send them this gift of love. What makes someone in a country far away to give away this gift?

This wonder has given rise to many converstaions about whon Jesus is and that it is the love of Jesus who touched our heart. This love that have touch our heart is the driving force to reach their hearts. In tears, these families receives these packages, some openly confess their sin and wants to repent. Igor welcome everyone to visit the church to see for themselvs and experience the power of the Gospel. A young brother expressed his awe at power of the Gospel with these words, when he held pastor Igor's Bible in his hand: "This book attracts me to God like iron attracted to a magnet."

We now see that several of the families who receive these packages comes to Church more regularely. Slowly but surely we see a returning hope into the lives of these people. The power of the gospel, of salvation and restoration works today and saves to eternal life. It dignifies those who have lost their diginity and selfvorth.

What can you do to help?
For the sum of 40 dollars a month (the cost of a package), a family can receive help. Of course, your gift of any size is welcome and much appriciated. The packages are tailored to family size, so that some packages contain more products (and therefore costs a little more) for those families who are more numerous. We want the packet contents to be relevant and be a practical and effective support. If you have any questions about this project please contact us and we will assist you.


Picture galleries

Distribution of food packages - April 2011

Distribution of food parcels is done monthly. These pictures are from distribution in April last year during my visit in Moldova. We visited several of the families included in the project. You can meet some of these families in the picture galleries below.

Distribution of food packages April 2011

Distribution of food packages - May 2011

Distribution of food parcels is done monthly. These pictures are from distribution in May last year.

Distribution of food packages in May 2011