The Mitra Family

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/fam_mitra.JPGMy name is Dan Mitra. I live with my family in Oradea, Romania. When what was called the "Iron Curtain" fell in December 1989 I began working full time as an evangelist, pastor and preacher. During the period 1990-1993 I worked as a preacher, teacher and editor for a Christian newspaper. Between 1994-97 I worked as a program producer for a Christian radio station here in Oradea called Voice of the Gospel. From 1997 and the following four years, I worked with a Christian drama that featured the Gospel all over Romania but also in parts of  the Republic of Moldova.Since 2002 I have in parrallel to the work as a preacher and evengelist also worked with my brother Sammy at the organization Children of Promise, which mainly works with Roma children and their families.

All those jobs gave me a month's salary, but it was and still is not sufficient to provide for my family of four persons. My wife is currently not working due to her physical condition and she receives ony 120 dollars a month as such. During all these years I preached when ever I got an invitation from local churches in the area around Oradea. Sometimes also invitations to participate in regional and national conferences. Every year the Evangelical Curches gathers for a week of national conferences. During that week preachers from all over Romnia get invites to preach. During several years I have been fortunate to be one of those speakers who will deliver the message of salvation to non-believing people who come to these annual conferences.

On average I preach 4-5 times a month. I'm also an ordained preacher in my home Church Bethel (2.900 members) I carry out a wide range of tasks; both funerals and weddings, and I serve at the Lord Table when Holy Communion is celebrated. I also help out in different churches when the need arises for an interim pastor. Over the past 15 years I have also led various Bible study and - discipleship groups, such as Alpha. I have also taught on different Bible books. On two occasions I have been teaching different subjects in two different Bible schools. Likewise, teach and I preach on various youth meetings, on television and in the local bible classes in my home church. It's also important to say that in Romania there is no remuneration for visiting preachers. Likewise, many pastors serves in their churches without receiving any pay. This means that I do not receive any compensation when precaching in different churches, except at times some money to cover travel expenses when the visits are further away. So in order to support his family, I must, in addition to my evangelical work, take other jobs, which means I have less time and effort in order to preach and serve God and His Kingdom.

Another way is that God provides for my needs, through his holy church here on earth. I am very grateful to God for the care He has for me and my family. He has called me to service in his kingdom also provides for our material needs will be met. For me personally I do not need to take on any extra job. Who or what can recommend me as a servant in the kingdom of God? Firstly. The fact that I still after all these years, receive invitations to speak, speaks for me. Secondly, my own Pastor Liviu Apolzan speaks good about me and the minsitry I serve. This means most to me.

With gratitude
Dan Mitra