The project "A bread a day"

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Bread.jpgPTPI first visited the Republic of Moldova for the first time in June 2010. It was in many ways a transformational journey. The reason for our visit was to visit the project "A bread a day" run by the small evangelical Church in the small township of Glodeni, located in the northwestern part of Moldova. This was a project e had heard so much about through, one of the pastors we have supported financially for many years, Pastor Jolta.

The bread received from this project is for most of the people, a bread of life - literarely. Many go hungry, sometimes for days on end. Without this bread the most vulnerable people would soon perish. As we have on to occations visited Glodeni we have seen that this hunger is present and very real. The social deprivation is large. People, young and old, sometimes with multiple physical and mental disabilities receive no or very little assistance. Pastor Igor and his wife Svetlana are the only ones trying to do something to alleviate this distress. One way of doing just this is through the  handing out of bread. Today, the bakery supplies about 350-400 individuals, or about 100 households with daily bread, but the need is greater than that.

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Bread_woman.jpgThe bread which saturates the double
The significance of this bread is hard to imagine. But we know from the testimony we receive the bread not only satiates a bodily hunger but also is able to saturate a psychic and spiritual hunger. The distribution of this bread has opened many hearts to the Gospel. Many people's hearts are softened and people have understood that they are not left alone with his concerns, but that there is someone who cares for them. They have been through this bread been introduced to the love of Jesus by pator Igor and his wife. An elderly woman tesitify: "When I hold this bread in my hands I no longer feel any hunger."

PTPI renovating the bakery
Our journey to Glodeni resulted in us fundraising funds for the renovation of the premises and the purchase of a new bakery equipment. With the new equipment the church is much better equipped to meet the many needs that exist. The renovation included new internal insulation, new surface except for the floor, new electrical wiring and fuse box, new ventilation and a new front door. The equipment includes new yest oven, new oven for baking the bread, and associated peripherals for a total value of 21.000 USD. The bakery was reopened in December 2010 and currently has two employees.

Today PTPI supports this project regularly. Below you can read about the impressions made on our first visit and see photos from the trip. There are also pictures from the renovation.

Pictures from the visit in 2010

Travelogue from trip to Moldva Junie 2010

Read about the impressions from the trip to Moldova in this travelogue.


Pictures from the renovation of the bakery

Video clips about the project

There are a few movies produced describing  bread project. This movie is produced by PTPI and gives an over view of the project. The equipment shown on the movie is both the old and new equipment that with financial help from PTPI was replaced in late 2010.

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A romanian produced movie clip

This clip is older than the one bove but shows also the very beginning of the project. A few clips has been taken from this movie to be included in the clip above.

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