Church buildings

tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/spinus.jpgThrough the years, PTPI have given financial support to the construction of several church buildings in Romania. PTPI have in full  or in part financed several church building projects. During the time of communism many churches fought an un even fight to keep their church buildings. It was even harder to get permission from the authorities to build a new building. PTPI helped a Church in Blaj after they, on two occasions had the Church building demolished by the authorities. We have also contributed to a church being built in Stei, formerly known as Petrogrosa, Romania and two churches in Oradea. Filadelfia No1 and Tabor Church. The latest project we have supported financially  is in Spinus, just outside Oradea. That building was completed in october 2013.
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Picture Top: Church in Spinus.
Picture bottom: Oliver preaching infront of a pile of bricks belonging to a torn down Church that PTPI later helped rebuild.

A few Church buildings PTPI helped finance