tl_files/Bilder webbplatsen/Plantering_polen.jpgPeople to People International has been active in Poland for many years. During the 80's and 90's we sent tons of releif aid to the south eastern Poland where PTPI had good connections with the local churches. The churches played a key role in the distribution that was sent out to the polish people. One of the pastors we supported financially for 30 years, gives the following testimony:

"When I think back about the difficult years, when we were receiving the help, my heart is full of gratitude to you and praise to the Lord. In those times it would be very difficult and almost impossible to do the work for the Lord in Poland without your help. It was done in the right time and in the right way and I thank God every single day for the support and all your love and care for us in many years.

We pray for you and all those, who made it possible for you to do what you did for us and for the Lord's work in Poland, and we will never forget it, and never stop praying for you and all the good people, who gave so sacrificially to help those less privileged in God's family. We never had anybody, who would do so much to support the preaching of the Gospel in Poland and our Lord Jesus knows it and will reward you.

You are and always will be my closest friends and once more thank you from the depth of my heart for everything. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you every day and give you strength for many more years in whatever He wants you to do."

John and Ala Cieslar

Today PTPI financially supports two pastors with a part of their salary. You can read about their work under the tab pastor's support. In 2010 PTPI helped organized a conference for pastors and their wifes. The conference was highly appreciated and attracted over 50 pastors and thir wives. When the opportunity presents its self, we also support local churches in their outreach.